Security Plus nG

The Security nG is a solution for access management and control and aims to limit the access of people to certain areas for days and at set times.

This software allows the user to easily configure the solution so as to make it more or less flexible, depending on the desired security level.  It is possible to see in real time the movements and calculate th presents per area, which proves useful to increase safety and to prevent failures.

The solution provides benefits to users, such as:

  • Restriction to people to certain places.
  • Determination of day and time that a site can accessed.
  • Limitation of access on special days.
  • Limiting access by type or group of users.
  • This solution offers different technologies: biometrics, RFID and PIN, depending on local characteristics and customer preferences.
  • Single application to control the various access components (Intrusion, Fire, CCTV, garages, pedestrian access (known and unknown people) to the facilities).

This solution allows the registration of a visit, or the authentication of data, if it is not the first time this visit the organization. So, you have a record of all individuals outside the organization that are within the facilities.

With the Visitors solution, you can monitor the time each person takes in his visit, in addition you can access basic data for each visit, or even who was with them and for what purpose.

  • Who are our visitors?
  • They are identified? Where do they circulate?
  • What is the frequency / duration of the visits?

These are questions that few organizations can answer. Find your answer by using the Visitors software.

Video Security

This system uses digital cameras that transmit images via standard IP networks (Internet Protocol). These images are sent to a monitoring device and then stored digitally on a recorder, making it easy to search and retrieval. Some cameras also have built-in intelligence to proactively analyze the images and trigger alarms if an incident is detected.

In contrast, there is the traditional analog system, where CCTV cameras are used that requires their own dedicated cabling. These ones are generally less flexible than their digital counterparts.

While CCTV may have lower initial costs of hardware, IP solutions can offer greater functionality and embedded intelligence. In addition, the installation should be considered more affordable in the preparation of Video Surveillance Network, which provides the choice of an IP solution.

Licence Plate Recognition

The license plate recognition solution uses a video system to recognize pre-loaded registrations in the software. Through this recognition, the software will trigger (or not) the barriers, by the permission of access to which the vehicle is subjected.

This solution allows you to automate the entry and exit of vehicles from a space, keeping an accurate record of which vehicles came and went, all this without the need of human intervention. This is one of the many advantages of the solution:

  • Who, when and how has entered or left the parking, or who is within, in a certain date. Automatically recognize, detect and verify the registration number of all vehicles passing through a checkpoint, whether incoming or outgoing, high or low speed.
  • Increase security levels, not only through the recognition of registration, but also the level of authorization and vehicle condition.
  • It allows remote monitoring from anywhere in the world;
  • Enables access management per vehicle (individual or groups), organization, department, hours, days of the week, among others;
  • Integration with various control devices: gates, barriers, traffic lights, among others.

The requirements to maintain a space security originates the existence of equipment and technologies that meet diverse features:

  • Multi-technology equipment  (Biometrics, Face, PIN and RFID reader).
  • Equipment  in online or standalone mode.
  • Additional accessories for door activation (electromagnetic locks…).
  • Turnstiles (bidirectional; panic; small size, double, passing for disabled, counter, full height).
  • Barriers (indoor or outdoor application, with arm up to 6 meters).
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