Value Plus

To solve specific project needs, or to comply with the simple goal of improvement of installed solutions, Elo offers a number of additional modules, tools capable of raising the potential of the installed software.

Ride Up

Alternative transport programs, including carsharing, substantially reduce traffic congestion, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and can save travel and parking costs.

Whether you manage transportation for an office or an entire region, Ride Up transportation management software offers easy-to-use web-based software that manages, streamlines and provides transportation between employees within the same company.

Through the option “search for rides” and “offer rides” the process of distributing and organizing them becomes simple. The acquisition of this product also provides ecological advantages for its users, through decarbonization, as it allows the optimization and rationalization of resources.


To a organization which runs a canteen or cafeteria, it is essential to have a system to control all consumption and reservations made.

Elo’s solution has numerous features that allow good management of a food service. These features include:

  • Definition of users / users of the canteen. And identification via card or biometrics.
  • Definition of special days: Vacations, Holidays and Weekend.
  • Definition of meal periods/ Types of meal and associated meals;
  • Registration of consumptions: spending registration, per employee, with distinction between meal and extra consumption, allowing you to print a sales slip.
  • View and print the general menu of the canteen;
  • Reservation for the following days;

The Aquasoft is a market-oriented software for spa, gyms and pools where the data management related to the services provided and people that purchase is simplified.

This solution allows you to manage all the surrounding connects to the provision of such services, offering features that help to automate the management of these spaces, such as:

  • Users registration, defining the type of access card to the services purchased.
  • Payment deadlines control, the practiced time and the number of entries allowed by your card.
  • Definition and creation of personal IDs autonomously.
  • Management of classrooms or treatment in terms of scheduling and capacity.
  • Management of a schedule of bookings and reservations for each available service.

The Dashboard is an application that allows the user of any Elo solution, have immediate access to a panel with graphical analysis of all critical information generated by the software. Through this solution it is possible to have an overview of the processes that are taking place, as well as directly access to a menu where you can make changes to the data presented.


  • Fast and easy visualization and seizure of data, accuracy and level of detail.
  • Lets build charts on specific queries, choosing the variables and the format that suits you.
  • The graphical analysis completely replace maps and reports.
  • Reducing the time spent on analysis and data management.


  • Applicable in any ELO software, regardless the the database used.
  • Parameterized functionality based on queries, allowing the graphic construction of the data.
  • The chart reflects the query obtained on the desktop in use. This query can be manipulated through filters, formulas and other specific parameterization.

Warnings module is a complementary alert to ELO solutions in order to allow the user to make critical decisions.

The alerts are triggered result of the information available and parameterized in the application software. For example:

  • Time HR nG: “The Employee No. 10 has 5 consecutive days of unjustified absence”
  • Task nG: “The manufacturing order has no associated records!”
  • Security Plus nG: “The employee No. 10, tried to enter3 times into the data center.”

With this solution it is possible to be aware of situations that usually go unnoticed or would be known only at a late stage of resolution. Alerts can be sent in three different formats:

  • POP UP are automatically activated with the application startup.
  • SMS can be sent to the identified numbers (there is a need for a modem).
  • Email alert wich is sent to the defined addresses.
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