Application that allows the use of nG.Up software on your smartphone or any Android and iOS device. This solution offers the ideal complement and mobility for your daily life. It is possible to access the facilities through a QR code generated on the device or through mobile credentials.


The Mobile module is a data acquisition system and can work in a complementary way:

  • Managing the Attendance of displaced Resources (individual or teams)
  • Managing activity with the allocation of resources to activities
  • On Security, with remote monitoring of goods and assets and the possibility of interaction with these (opening and / or door blocking)

Mobile is designed for Smartphone (Windows Phone, Android and iOS) and giving the features of these devicess, the data is available in real-time. The nG Mobile has some functional features specially developed that allow you to record data offline and updates in deferred mode.

Download now from the App Store or Google Play.

Mobile Credentials

Mobile Credentials, or mobile credentials, are called mobile credentials because they are associated with a mobile phone. It is a virtual, personal card, registered in association with a state-of-the-art mobile phone (Android smartphone or IOS).

Its use consists of approaching the telephone bearing the equipment’s credential, which, via Bluetooth or wi-fi (depends on the characteristics of the existing equipment), identifies its user before the access control system, attendance, consumption record, etc.

It is a personal, non-transferable, safe and compatible solution with hygiene rules in times of pandemic.

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