Time HR

Time HR nG is a targeted solution for punctuality and attendance management of employees in an organization.

Being a 100% Web software, it allows greater versatility and mobility of access to information. Through the new generation (nG), users access the ELO applications from any device and operating system, as long as they, are to have an Internet browser.

In addition to this flexibility in access, this solution has, within itself, a set of features that ensure the automation of attendance and presences management processes, such as:

  • Registration and characterization of employees.
  • Setting rules of attendance, according to employment contracts in place in the organization.
  • Creation of mandatory periods, flexible periods, stops, tolerance rules, breaks, etc.
  • Management of special days by geographical area (national and international).
  • Manage limits by type of absence (vacation, last year’s holiday and others).
  • Graphical display of the annual employee situation.
  • Handling anomalies; closing period and export data to wages application.
Time HR Portal

This solution runs on a platform with a friendly and intuitive environment that motivates employees to manage their own presence, achieving in this way, to free the Human Resources department for other tasks.

Through this module, developers gain access to real-time information and can make vacation requests, justification of absences, goals, among other features.

This solution includes two distinct parts, one dedicated to employees, where they can carry out consultations; requests and justifications, as well as receiving and sending messages; and another dedicated to users identified as validators, with permission of consultation, modification and manipulation of information about their direct reports.

The validation circuit works in a hierarchical logic, so a validator can only access and manipulate information of employees in hierarchies below its, and administrators have access to information of all employees.


Application which is a real help in the composition of scales practiced by certain employees or groups of employees, which may be available according to each user profile.

This solution enables the planning and organization of the distribution of employees by the needs met, with a great set of features that enable this goal to be achieved in the simplest and complete way possible, such as:

  • In each of the desktop, it can be made the release of the scales through different processes to simplify the task itself.
  • In addition, in the same area of the solution appears information, per day, of how many employees will be affected to a certain time in order to guarantee minimum requirements for employee profiles, through their professional category.
  • Ability to analyze the balance in relation to planned and carried out, taking into account the goal of every person for that period of time.
  • Definition of a list of places and association of employees and types of scale.
  • Ability to change the descriptions of the favorites, according to user preferences.
Time Starting Point

Starting Point is a software tool made available in the cloud for managing the punctuality of an organization’s employees.

Intuitive, flexible and responsive software for use on any device with a browser.

The solution is scalable to other versions, namely Starter or Performance.

In a simple, economical and fast way, you can obtain advantages such as:

  • Immediate use, based on the SaaS model (software as a service);
  • Transparency of information in real time;
  • Data security, the solution will be hosted on dedicated servers, which follow the best practices and security protocols on the market.

Terminals can be configured according to different types of communications protocols, including (RS-232C), networking (RS-422/485), Ethernet (TCP/IP) and Internet communication; PoE function, GPRS or Wireless.

Our range of terminals support various reading technologies to adapt to the requirements of each organization:

  • Biometric (fingerprint, hand, face,…)
  • RFid badge (Mifare, EM, HID,…)
  • Different types of identification badges.

These characteristics are applied to fixed or portable equipment as well as mobility solutions, both in terms of mobile phones, PDA’s and computers with the use of web portals or virtual terminals.

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