Mobile Access Control

Mobile Access Control

Suprema Mobile Access allows the user to use their own smartphone as a key for their identification and authentication in all places where there is access control. By using the smartphone itself as the holder of your credentials, the entire operation becomes easier, faster and safer. This solution replaces the physical card with a virtual card, which is available in a device that is part of everyone’s daily life, at all times of the day.

We present 5 benefits of how Mobile Access Control contributes to a real change in everyday life:

  • End of lost, stolen or shared cards;
  • Better visitor management;
  • Access rules applied automatically and in real time;
  • Management (issuance and revocation) of cards remotely;
  • Possibility to combine mobile credentials with other biometric data.

In addition to ensuring conditions of greater security, this method can be used anywhere for professional or personal access, or via a computer – an added value in streamlining access!

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