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ELO SI was formed in 1994 with 100% Portuguese capital and focused on a single purpose to dedicate himself to the area of management of Attendance and People (Human Capital), since then, has recorded a sustained growth.

There are currently 25 collaborators, distributed between the headquarters in Porto and two business units, one in Lisbon and another in Vigo.

Spain was the first country to which ELO  began to export its technology, in 2008, followed, in the same year, other countries.

Currently, the company exports to countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and UES, in addition to Spain.



Mission, Vision and Values


Create competitive advantages for our customers, suppliers and partners, providing our competence, expertise and knowledge about systems for automatic data collection.


Sustain your experience, knowledge and professionalism in order to achieve the recognition and notoriety as an expert organization in data collection systems in the global market.


Total Trust, integrity, commitment and dedication with the community where we belong as well as in the relationships with different audiences

Quality System

ELO is constantly seeking to specialisation and acquisition of skills, in order to raise the standards of quality of its products and services and thus increase continuously the level of satisfaction.

Since 2008 enhanced by the certification of quality (NP EN ISO 9001) of its work processes, Elo tightens its purpose in seeking continuous improvement and excellence of the overall organization performance.


End Users Qualification

Obtaining the necessary knowledge to use the Elo solutions, whether in an introduction phase of a user to the solution, or in the development stage of human resources, with the objective of acquiring new skills.

Partners Certification

The qualification and certification of consultants is critical to ensure high quality installation, implementation and monitoring of projects.

Through the Partner certification process, are available various levels of certification, according to the objectives of each organization.

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