Year: 2019

Domotics – Automate your comfort

Domotics – Automate your comfort


Nowadays, technology, play a decisive role in our daily lives. Its evolution over the years has opened a window of opportunity in the most varied technological areas. From computer science to robotics, the world has created a certain dependence on new technologies. However, it does not mean that it is a negative indicator. Quite the opposite. It was undoubtedly a driving force of the overall evolution the world had suffered.

One of the improvements is related to the comfort that technology gives us, in our day-to-day life. Whether through technologies which enables in the access to certain places, by systems that increase our personal security, or simply through systems that improves our comfort, such as Domotics.

The home automation system came into existence in the 1980s, in terms of control of lighting, air conditioning and safety, with a focus on improving our convenience. This system allows, remotely, a window to be opened or closed, to control lighting intensity, or a regulate a room’s temperature.

Elo, is at the forefront of new technologies, and in partnership with Atouch, also offers automation systems. With tactile, intuitive and customizable panels, our solution integrates:

Gas and water valve.
An ideal solution for those who want maximum comfort, convenience and security in their homes, improving significantly the lifestyle.

What are you waiting for to automate your life?

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